Introducing the ClearWaters pond water quality range

Water quality and the correct parameters have always been at the heart of a stable, healthy and attractive pond. Ignore or get those parameters wrong and it is soon reflected in your fishes health and livelihoods but also the general appearance of the ornamental pond which should be the centre piece of the garden.

At Nishikoi we understand the importance of a reliable and knowledgeable aquatic retailer who can advise the discerning pond keeper on how to keep a healthy and attractive water garden.

This was Nishikoi's directive when we devised our new ClearWaters range. In order for the fish keeper to buy the correct treatment for their ponds, we feel the only reliable and responsible way is for them to seek professional advice from traditional counter sales advisors.

Secure in this knowledge, you, the pond owner, can now buy the correct premium ClearWaters product with the result of a healthy and attractive pond.

Ask your local aquatic store on help regarding testing your pond water and for the correct ClearWaters product to ensure you can keep it at its very best.

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