• Newts and tadpoles are residing in my pond and I would like to know if your product is safe for them or should I wait to use it.

    • ClearWaters product is safe for use with fish, frogs and toads etc as long as you follow the directions and do not overdose.  However please bear in mind that the frogs and newts will lay their eggs in the blanketweed if you are trying to remove this from your pond.


  • My dogs are drinking from the pond is this safe to use

    • As long as you dose Clear Waters correctly as stated on the tub, this 

               will do no harm to your dogs drinking from the pond. The bacteria in 

               Clear Waters is non pathogenic and occurs in any natural water body.


  • Do you have a recommended waiting period before carrying out water changes?

    • We would suggest you wait 3 weeks for the Clear Waters to take effect and then check the clarity of the water, if you still feel you need to do a water change then just try to do a partial one. If you have a filter then this should be removing the debris.


  • Will any overdose adversely affect fish and plants?

    • The bacteria in Clear Waters is non pathogenic and occur in any natural water body so will cause no harm to fish or wildlife.


  • Should I stop treating Clear Waters in winter?

    • In lower temperatures algae tends to grow a lot slower and although there is no set minimum temperature that Clear Waters stops being effective, while algae is growing at a reduced rate they may absorb less of the active ingredient that is in Clear Waters making it less efficient. However we have good results from a water temperature of 10̊ C and above. We would recommend for optimum results that you dose when your pond is sitting above this temperature.


  • Can I leave my pump on when I use Clear Waters?

    • Yes, Blanket weed will take oxygen out of the pond it is vital pumps are left on day and night, hot weather will also take oxygen from the pond.


  • When is the best time of day to treat Clear Waters?

    • Preferably not in the hottest part of the day, early morning is ideal


  • Is Clear Waters safe to use in duck ponds?

    • It will be safe to use, however ponds with ducks will never become clear because there are so many nutrients in the water for the algae to grow on.