Treats 50,000 litres/

11,000 gallons

Chlorine and/or chloramine is added to tap water at source to ensure all possible pathogens are eliminated enabling the water safe for human consumption.

To fish however, chlorine and chloramines are dangerous and life threatening alien chemicals that must be removed prior to exposure to the fish. Left untreated, chlorine will damage the natural slime coat on the fishes skin leaving it open to disease and parasite attack, and further damage is incurred to the sensitive gill structure making it difficult to breath and extract the essential oxygen from the water.

ClearWaters Dechlorinator instantly makes the water safe for fish and all other aquatic pond life and protects and recovers the fishes natural mucus layer.

Always use the appropriate amount of ClearWaters Dechlorinator when adding tap water to the pond, during and after transporting fish and after using fish disease or parasite treatments.

In cases where fish stress is evident or fin damage is visible it is safe to use double strength of ClearWaters Dechlorinator.

The ClearWaters water quality range of products is designed to achieve optimal water conditions for your pond fish to flourish and lead healthy and active lives, leaving you to relax in the knowledge that you are giving them the best conditions possible.

ClearWaters Dechlorinator is available from all participating Nishikoi stockists in the following pack sizes:

Dechlorinator 500ml - Treats 2,750 gallons / 12,500 litres.   Ref: 3062CW

Dechlorinator 1000ml - Treats 5,500 gallons / 25,000 litres. Ref: 3063CW

Dechlorinator 2500ml - Treats 11,000 gallons / 50,000 litres.Ref: 3064CW