GH Booster


Raises GH by 2.5DH per 25,000 litres/ 5,500 gallons

The joint hardness of the water is determined by the amount of calcium and magnesium and is referred to as general hardness (GH), and not to be confused with KH which is a measurement of carbonate hardness.

The tolerance of GH in a pond situation is a value between 10-15 DH and it is important to the overall condition of the pond that these parameters are maintained through regular testing of the water.

Fish, water plants and micro organisms grow optimally in the correct GH conditions. The supply of oxygen to the aquatic life is best safeguarded at the correct levels too, but owing to weather conditions (rain and snow) and the natural process of the pond and biological filters the GH will continuously be softened, and if the GH reaches 10DH or below the hardness should be increased.

Testing the GH in the pond is recommended on a regular basis and your aquatic store can assist you with this. Analysing the water is particularly important after rainfall and in situations where GH is expected to have been consumed or diluted at a high rate.


Gradually increase the GH by adding ClearWaters GH Booster over a 24-48 hour period and re-test between doses until the levels are reached.

Each 25ml of GH Booster will raise there general hardness by 2.5 degrees per 250 litres (60 gallons) of water.

Mix the correct amount in a bucket or watering can with warm (not hot) water and distribute evenly over the pond surface avoiding direct contact with desirable water plants.

ClearWaters GH Booster is available from all participating Nishikoi stockists in the following pack sizes:

ClearWaters GH Booster - 1000ml - raises GH by 2.5DH per 10,000 litres/2,200 gallons       Ref: 3053CW

ClearWaters GH Booster - 2500ml - raises GH by 2.5DH per 25,000 litres/5,500 gallons       Ref: 3054CW

ClearWaters GH Booster - 5000ml - raises GH by 2.5DH per 50,000 litres/11,000 gallons     Ref: 3055CW