Green Water


Treats 5,000 litres/

1,100 gallons

Green water in ponds is a result of millions of tiny single celled algae that are so small they can easily pass through pond filter systems. They relish on the nutrients within the pond water, warmth and sunlight.

These algae cells float or suspend within the water and can in severe cases collect on the surface as a green foamy scum. But either way, the result is a murky green looking pond where it is impossible to see and enjoy your fish.

ClearWaters Green Water makes these small single algae cells sticky which in turn makes them quickly clump together forming larger particles which the pond filter can now grab out of suspension or they sink to the pond bottom where removal can easily be carried out by using a fine scoop net or a pond vacuum cleaner.

Once the pond is clear, regular use of ClearWaters Clearly Stable will help to maintain your ponds water quality and clarity.


In order for ClearWaters Green Water to work, the KH or carbonate hardness in the pond must be at least 6DH. Your local Nishikoi stockist can help you with this or advise on the appropriate test kit required.

Raising KH in the pond water can easily be adjusted with the use of ClearWaters KH Booster.

Once the correct KH is assured, add 100ml of ClearWaters Green Water per 1,000 litres of pond water.

Dilute the correct amount in a watering can or bucket and distribute evenly over the surface of the pond.

Switch off ultra violet clarifiers for one week after adding Green Water to the pond, and remove chemical filter media such as carbon and zeolite prior to treating.

Do not overdose.

ClearWaters Green Water is available from all participating Nishikoi stockists in the following pack sizes:

ClearWaters Green Water 500ml - Treats 5,000 litres / 1,100 gallons.      Ref: 3080CW

ClearWaters Green Water 1000ml - Treats 10,000 litres / 2,200 gallons.  Ref: 3081CW

ClearWaters Green Water 2500ml - Treats 25,000 litres / 5,500 gallons.  Ref: 3082CW