Niigata Professional Koi Food
  • 450g small pellet - 180L

  • 1450g small pellet - 181L

  • 1450g medium pellet - 182L

  • 3Kg medium pellet - 202L

  • 3Kg large pellet - 203L

  • 5Kg medium pellet - 205L

  • 5Kg large pellet - 206L

  • 10Kg medium pellet - 208L

  • 10Kg large pellet - 209L

Based on the recommendations of professional Japanese Koi farmers. Niigata Professional is packaged in the quality, 100% re-sealable, jars that are synonymous with Nishikoi.


The food contains Vetregard™, an immunosupportive beta glucan that is well-known in the world of aquaculture to aid the development of natural bacteria in the intestine and help the immune system. Beta glucans work with the fishes' immune defences. This is particularly useful during times of stress and spawning.


As with Nishikoi’s other foods, Niigata Professional also has the anti-oxidant action of vitamins C & E and vitamin D for healthy bone formation. Niigata Professional also contains natural propolis which maintains healthy fish.


Niigata Professional has been developed to generate rapid growth in Koi. The protein is highly digestible which allows your Koi to utilise it more efficiently.


When to feed - Niigata Professional should be fed to Koi when pond temperatures are above 10oC (50oF) or when Koi are actively seeking food.

Clearwaters® Biological Solution Against Blanket Weed

  • 1,000 ml pack - 3041CW Treats 10,000litres/2,200gallons (40,000 litres as preventative dose).

  • 2.5 litre pack - 3043CW Treats 25,000litres/5,500gallons (100,000 litres as a preventative dose).

  • 5.0 litre pack - 3045CW Treats 50,000litres/11,000gallons (200,000 litres as a preventative dose).

  • 10.0 litre pack - 3064CW Treats 100,000 litres (400,000 litres as a preventative dose).

ClearWaters is designed to remove and control the growth of algae and blanketweed, to keep your pond looking healthy all year round.

ClearWaters contains algaecide which is the quickest and most effective way of killing algae straight away. When algae are growing they will absorb the algaecide and die. Therefore ClearWaters will work in all seasons. As algae will always grow if there is sufficient sunlight, ClearWaters is the preferred all year round solution. As well as the algaecide, ClearWaters contains Microbes that work the same as these in Goodbye Blanket Weed and Micro Clear, therefore during warmer waters they will flourish and feed on the nitrates and stopping the return of the algae. Note: if the microbes are killed off due to a drop in temperature, which has been happening a lot in recent years (our British summers) the algae will most likely return and therefore your pond will need a re-dose of ClearWaters when the algae re-appears.



Algae and blanket-weed requires sunlight, carbon dioxide and nutrients to grow. 

Nishikoi ClearWaters contains Microbes. This ensures that during warmer water periods they will flourish and feed on nitrates, stopping the return of the algae.

ClearWaters also contains algaecide which is the quickest and most effective way of killing algae straight away. 

Other treatments rely solely on microbes to work, so need continuous warmth for the microbes to flourish and take effect.

Unlike other algae and blanket-weed treatments, ClearWaters will also work in the colder months if the Algae and Blanket Weed are actively growing. ClearWaters will yield results down to a water temperature of 4 degrees centigrade.

You can use ClearWaters blanket-weed treatment at anytime when the water temperature is above 4 degrees centigrade, and as long as there is algae ClearWaters will attack it.

This powder solution is safe for use with ultra violet clarifiers (UVC) and biological pond filters.It really is a powerful and highly effective treatment against blanket-weed.

You can expect to see results within just 2 weeks of its first initial use.


Using the supplied 25ml scoop, mix one measure per 500 litres of pond water in a watering can and distribute evenly over the pond surface steering around the leaves of lilies and other desirable water plants.

Repeat this procedure in 14-days.

Decomposing blanket-weed should be removed from the pond with a fine net.

The natural bacteria in ClearWaters will continue to decompose small amounts that remain.


Day 28 onwards, add 1 x 25ml for every 2000 litres and repeat this dose every two weeks thereafter. This will keep your pond looking better than ever before.

Store the product out of the reach of children in a dry room with a temperature between 4 - 32 degrees centigrade. Do not inhale and prevent contact with skin & eyes. Wash hands after use.

For use in ornamental ponds only.

Nishikoi Baby Grower Range
  • 750g micro pellet Growth - 330B

  • 750g micro pellet Sinking - 334B

  • 450g micro pellet Colour Booster - 338B

Nishikoi Baby Grower's are New Additions to the Nishikoi Family for 2018. This range​ is made in a very small pellet size and new formulas, ideal for the "baby's" of the pond. They are available in the following:

Baby Grower Growth - is a very palatable high protein, quality complete diet containing immunostimulant b-glucansand high levels of stabilised Vitamin C. Baby Grower Growth uses a variety of colour enhancers rich in caroteniods, colour molecules that nature uses for colouring fish.

Suitable for feeding - Cold water fish such as Koi, Goldfish, Lion Head, Oranda and Bubble Eye

Baby Grower Sinking - is a very palatable high protein, quality complete sinking diet. Ideal for bottom feeding fish or shy fish which do not wish to compete at the surface for food. Baby Grower Sinking uses colour enhancers rich in caroteniods, colour molecules that nature uses for colouring fish.

Suitable for feeding - Cold water fish such as Koi, Goldfish, Lion Head, Oranda, Bubble Eye, Catfishes-Corydoras, Ancistrus/Otocinclusl-numbers and Turtles

Baby Grower Colour Boosters - This colour boosting formula is very rich in caratenoids colour molecules that nature uses for colouring fish, beta glucan's for health & vitality and protein for growth.

Suitable for feeding - Koi, Goldfish, Black Mollys, Orfe, Shubunkins, Lion Head, Orlanda and Bubble Eye

Growth Food
  • 350g small pellet - 010G

  • 350g medium pellet - 011G

  • 750g small pellet - 023G

  • 750g medium pellet - 024G

  • 1250g small pellet - 027G

  • 1250g medium pellet - 028G

  • 1250g large pellet - 029G

  • 2.5Kg small pellet - 033G

  • 2.5Kg medium pellet - 034G

  • 2.5Kg large pellet - 035G

  • 5Kg small pellet - 040G

  • 5Kg medium pellet - 041G

  • 5Kg large pellet - 042G

  • 10Kg small pellet - 043G

  • 10Kg medium pellet - 044G

  • 10Kg large pellet - 045G


Nishikoi Growth is a floating premium food for feeding to all pond fish and Koi during the summer months when the fish are active and their metabolism is high.

The 32% highly digestible protein enables the fish to utilise it very efficiently whilst helping to keep the pond water clean and healthy.

Growth also boasts a formulation of Spirulina, Astaxanthin and Canthaxanthin along with stabilised Vitamin C giving your fish a much needed summer health food.

  • Available in various pack and pellet sizes.

  • Colour enhancers that show your fish to their best.

  • Complete & Balanced Formulation

Staple Food
  • 350g small pellet - 048S

  • 350g medium pellet - 049S

  • 750g small pellet - 053S

  • 750g medium pellet - 054S

  • 1250g small pellet - 057S

  • 1250g medium pellet - 058S

  • 1250g large pellet - 059S

  • 2.5Kg small pellet - 0621S

  • 2.5Kg medium pellet - 0622S

  • 2.5Kg large pellet - 0623S

  • 5Kg small pellet - 063S

  • 5Kg medium pellet - 064S

  • 5Kg large pellet - 065S

  • 10Kg small pellet - 066S

  • 10Kg medium pellet - 067S

  • 10Kg large pellet - 068S


The highly digestible protein in Nishikoi Staple allows the fish to utilise it more efficiently which also results in cleaner pond water too.

With stabilised Vitamin C this makes it an ideal maintenance diet in the warmer spring and summer months for all ornamental pond fish including Koi and gives them a much needed boost.

The Staple range is available in six different pack sizes and in small, medium or large pellet size.

  • Floating pellet.

  • 32% highly digestible protein.

  • Complete & Balanced Formulation

Health Food
  • 400g medium pellet - 210H

  • 840g medium pellet - 211H

  • 1555g medium pellet - 213H

  • 3250g medium pellet - 214H

  • 5Kg medium pellet - 215H

  • 10Kg medium pellet 216H


Nishikoi Health is a high quality feed for Koi and other pond fish. From time-to-time all fish become stressed for various reasons including extreme water temperature fluctuations, poor water quality, parasitic and bacterial infections and by simply being moved from one pond to another.

As the fishes stress rises their immune system falls but extensive research shows that the ingredients used in Nishikoi Health can support the overall health and natural balance of Koi fish.

It has reduced levels of protein and fat to aid fish at anytime of the year, making this food a perfect choice in preparing your fish for winter and again in the spring after the hard winter months.

  • Organic acids to improve digestion.

  • Prebiotic inulin - a polysaccharide with prebiotic characteristics.

  • Garlic containing Allicine.

  • Positive micro flora essential for intestinal balance.

  • Beta Glugans aids natural resistance.





Wheatgerm Food
  • 350g small pellet - 070W

  • 350g medium pellet - 071W

  • 750g small pellet - 072W

  • 750g medium pellet - 073W

  • 1250g small pellet - 076W

  • 1250g medium pellet - 077W

  • 1250g large pellet - 078W

  • 2.5Kg small pellet - 0921W

  • 2.5Kg medium pellet - 0922W

  • 2.5Kg large pellet - 0923W

  • 5Kg small pellet - 093W

  • 5Kg medium pellet - 094W

  • 5Kg large pellet - 095W

  • 10Kg small pellet - 096W

  • 10Kg medium pellet - 097W

  • 10Kg large pellet - 098W


A highly digestible, vegetable-based, low protein diet ideal for feeding at low temperatures in spring and autumn.  The high wheatgerm content improves digestion at cooler temperatures and when the fishes metabolism is lower keeping ammonia excretion to a minimum.

This is vital at periods of reduced filter performance during low temperatures.

20% protein for growth, high wheatgerm content Anti oxident action of Vitamin C & E to help the immune system. Vitamin D for strong bone formation and Spirulina (enriched with essential fatty acids) that aids natural colour.

  • Floating for fish feeding at the surface

  • Highly digestible quality fishmeal 

  • Complete & Balanced Formulation

Pond Sticks
  • 205g - 127P

  • 415g - 128P

  • 800g - 129P

  • 1575g - 130P


Nishikoi Pond Sticks are specially formulated as an all-round pond food. A low density, highly digestible food with a blend of ingredients to satisfy a wide range of pond fish. Ideal for beginners, this general purpose stick will float until eaten and is an easy way to determine how much food should be fed.


  • Highly digestible, low-waste formula 

  • Low density, high stability food stick

  • Stabilised Vitamin C for health 

  • Complete & Balanced Formulation

Sinking Food
  • 760g small pellet - 120G

  • 1710g small pellet - 121G


Nishikoi Sinking pellet provides the protein required if you want excellent growth in your bottom feeding fish including Sturgeon species. 

The protein is highly digestible which allows your fish to utilise it more efficiently, helping to keep waste to a minimum and your pond water cleaner.

The high performance colour enhancing formula of Spirulina, Astaxanthin and Canthaxanthin ensures that any ornamental bottom feeding fish will show off their true colours.

Sturgeon fish thrive in cold and highly oxygenated water and will remain active in the British winter. Don't forget to offer these fish some food throughout the year.

  • 40% highly digestible protein​

  • Natural colour enhancers​

  • Stabilised vitamin C

  • Complete & Balanced Formulation

  • 200g - 115F

  • 390g - 116F

  • 650g - 117F

  • 1000g - 118F

Pond Flake Food

Nishikoi Pond Flake is an ideal maintenance diet for smaller pond  fish and Koi, containing all the right levels of ingredients for healthy growth.

The highly stabilised vitamin C content provides your fish with a much needed boost. Our complete formula will help maintain clean and healthy water.

  • Complete balanced formulation

  • Stabilised vitamin C

  • Feed on its own or mixed with pellet or sticks

Multi - Sticks Food
  • 205g - 135M

  • 415g - 136M

  • 800g - 137M

  • 1575g - 138M


Multi-Sticks is a floating food and is an ideal all round diet for pond fish and Koi, containing the right levels of protein for healthy growth and vitality.

The high performance colour enhancing formula ensures your fish will show off their true colours to the full whilst the easily digestible protein keeps waste to a minimum and your pond water cleaner.

  • 29% highly digestible protein

  • Natural colour enhancers

  • Stabilised vitamin C

  • Complete & Balanced Formulation

Goodbye Green Water
  • 8,000 gallon (36,400 litres) pond volume - 1053N

Millions of single celled algae that are so small that they pass through even the best pond filtration systems results in green unsightly looking pond water.

Goodbye Green Water is a safe and easy weekly treatment for spring and summer use in all ornamental ponds to eradicate the water-born algae. 

  • Each carton contains 8 easy to administer dissolving sachets

  • Each sachet treats 1000 gallons / 4500 litres

  • No risk of overdosing

Goodbye New Pond Problems
  • 2,000 gallon (9,100 litres) pond volume - 1055N

Blanket Weed

Chlorine present in raw tap water is toxic to fish and the biological balance of the pond.

Goodbye New Pond Problems removes the chlorine and matures biological filters so that a safe pond environment is achieved.

Always use in new ponds, when adding tap water, when introducing new fish, after filter maintenance and at anytime when the biological balance has been disrupted.


  • Re-sealable foil pouches containing 2 x sachets

  • Each 25g sachet dechlorinates ponds up to 1000 gallons / 4500 litres

  • Treat once a week for two weeks in new ponds and whenever needed thereafter.

Nishikoi Goodbye Blanket Weed is a tried and trusted treatment against blanket weed (string algae).

100% natural containing a unique blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and activated barley straw with no chemicals makes the product safe in all ornamental ponds, and the water soluble sachet dosing system means there is no messy measuring to do.

  • Each sachet treats 1000 gallons / 4500 litres

  • Available in three carton sizes for ponds up to 32,000 gallons / 145,000 litres

  • Add to the pond weekly during the summer for algae regrowth prevention

  • 10,000 gallon (45,500 litres) pond volume - 1054N

  • 32,000 gallons (145,600 litres) pond volume - 1051N

Blanc-Kit Excel & Blanc-Kit Excel Koi
  • Blanc-Kit Excel

  • 1,500 gallons (6,825 litres) pond volume - 1092N

  • 3,000 gallons (13,650 litres) pond volume - 1093N

  • 9,000 gallons (40,950 litres) pond volume - 1094N

  • Blanc-Kit Excel Koi

  • 6,000 gallons (27,300 litres) pond volume - 1096

Blanc-Kit Excel and Blanc-Kit Excel Koi are environmentally friendly treatments for the destruction of blanket-weed in garden and Koi ponds and are safe to use with fish, water plants, other pond inhabitants and will not harm beneficial bacteria in biological filter systems.

The Kit range of products from Nishikoi are tried and tested over a long time and has the respect of many pond owners who use them.

The formulation within Blanc-Kit Excel creates a pond environment that is resistant to blanket-weed or string filamentous algae and allows water plants and fish to thrive.


Simply add one measure for every 70 gallons (318 litres) of pond water using the spoon provided into a bucket of warm water and allow to dissolve.

Distribute evenly over the pond preferably with a clean watering can.

Blanc-Kit Excel should be applied once every 14-days for 6-weeks. Blanc-kit Excel Koi is a one off treatment. 

Phos-Kit Algae Treatment

Blanket weed, or string algae requires nutrients in the pond water in order for it to survive.

Phos-Kit starves the algae of those nutrients by utilising the science of pond plants and their natural requirements against those of blanket weed.

It is safe to use in all ornamental garden and Koi ponds and has no detrimental effect on fish or wildlife and will actually promote and stimulate the growth of water plants.

If the pond is already suffering from blanket weed growth, for best results we suggest the use of Blanc-Kit Excel first. Use Phos-Kit every 14-days for the first 6-weeks and then apply one dose every month thereafter. Although, in very low temperatures when the water is 4 degrees centigrade or lower there is no need to use Phos-Kit.

Each pack will treat 1,500 gallons / 6820 litres of pond water.

  • 1,500 gallons (6,825 litres) pond volume - 1084N

Feature Kit
  • 16 tablet pack - 1090N

  • 1 feeder - 227V

Each pack of Feature-Kit contains 16 fast acting effervescent tablets that will remove unsightly algae and cleans the water in outdoor self-contained water features.

Suitable for use in stone, poly-resin, plastic, wooden or concrete fountain features.

Use one tablet per water feature containing 1-5 gallons (4.5 - 22.7 litres).

This product is totally safe with birds and animals using and drinking the water but is NOT suitable for use in ponds where fish and plants are present.

Fish Feeding Ring

The feeding ring simply floats on the pond water surface. By dropping the floating pellet food into the ring on a regular basis your fish will become accustomed to where they can find their food easily.

This in turn gives you the opportunity to enjoy observing your fish eat and by how much. 

If there is food left inside the ring after 15-minutes it can easily be removed before adding unnecessary waste in the pond.