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"This product is of a very high quality. Sometimes cheaper products are tempting but I would buy this for summer feed every time. All my pond fish thrive on this product."

V. Morrell

"My koi loved this pellet has a real pungent smell to it and fish attracted to it more than the cheaper pellet I feed along side it".


"Used for feeding koi and goldfish during summer months, pellet size ok for both small and large fish, long shelf life".

The Pieman

"Used Nishikoi for 22 years and my fish thrive on it".

Ann White




"The Nishikoi wheatgerm food a proven to be a popular feed for my koi carp. I have given them this for about twenty years and I don't feel the need to change to another brand".


"For winter feed you cannot get better will always use this product and the Koi Carp thrive on it".

Mr. B. Revill



"Used the same product for about 6 years and the fish, which escaped the Heron, are all still very happy".


"Fish vary in size from new born pure Rudd/Rudd-Orfe cross breed and 4 Carp. Established over 8 years. Lots of natural food but for growth in the carp these pellets are ideal. Taken off the surface which helps me see the size and health of the fish."


Blanket-Weed Controls July 2018.jpg


"Amazing result, blanket weed vanished overnight. Highly recommended".

R Lower - Amazon customer

"The best for my pond, no other product beats it".


"My expectations are usually high, but previous experience of using products to clear blanket weed had convinced me they were at best only partially successful. However, two doses of Clear Waters completely eradicated the problem. This is a fantastic product that works".

Shaun M

"I wasn't sure whether I should believe all the positive reviews, but ever one of them is perfectly correct! This product really does get rid of all the blanket weed in a pond - totally! I had to use two treatments, but the result is amazing, and I have plenty left should more blanket weed appear in the future".


"2 scoops used, 4 days later, pond clear. Pond creatures still alive and swimming. This will last a lifetime".

linda bailey

"Have used this clear waters for one year my pond is the clearest it as every been, will carry on next year".


"Because I have a large pond I was a bit sceptical at first, after waiting for the treatment to work after one month its clearing the water ready for the second treatment, its the best Ive used in years".

Amazon Customer

"For the first time ever I had the dreaded blanketweed in my pond. Bought this. Three applications later the blanketweed has completely disappeared from the walls and floor of the pond. The way it was going i think the weed would have gone without further applications but i just wanted to make sure!!!

Highly recommended this product. It really does what it says it can".


"Fantastic! Blanket weed cleared 1 week after first application. Little 'clouds' of weed floating on top I just remove it with a net. Can not believe how wonderful this product is. Blanket weed gone from the plants and the liner is clear of weed. Would very highly recommend to anyone suffering from blanket weed in their pond. Wort every penny".

Mrs K E J Hampson

"Well, after all the rubbish treatments for Blanket Weed over the years, my son recommended this one, and it really works, fish don't care that its there and seem happy about it too. After initial treatment, just six or seven measures every 6 weeks or so keeps Blanket Wee at bay, in our 10,000 litre pond so pretty economical too".

Gloria Keen

"Brilliant. Works really well. Have tried several other options with little success. This is far the best. Initial dosage removed the blanket weed and subsequent fortnightly treatments keeps the pond clear - just as it says on the tin".

William Baillie

"After struggling for over four years to clear the blanket in my pond with a product bought from a local aquarium centre without success I was on the verge of filling it in April as the water was murky and I couldn't eradicate the blanket weed. As a last resort I saw this product advertised on Amazon and thought I would give it a try as the reviews looked good. My pond is now crystal clear and it looks stunning. I thoroughly recommend this product, its amazing".

kate donaldson

"Excellent product, not too sure when purchasing if it would be the same as other products bought in the past but no need to worry about that. Made the pond go slightly milky initially, but that cleared in about 24 hours, then after 2 weeks I added the same amount as per instructions and the blanket weed has almost completely gone. There is no sign of it in the filter either, some other products have left great clumps of dead weed which you have to net out, but nothing like that. This product actually works".


"This stuff is amazing. We had three years of bales of barley and taking out blanket weed - no success, just hopeless. Then we got this stuff and poured it in and within a week the water in the pond was so clear we could see the bottom of the pond for the fist time. Tadpoles. Water weeds. Everything. The fish and tailored survived fine so i don't think its dangerous. Incredibly effective. The second dose recommended is really useful for keeping it under control".

Chris Watson

"Works wonders. I was constantly fighting back blanket weed on a weekly basis to no avail, and after reading reviews on different products, I eventually took the plunge and brought this product. I wasn't sure how successful this would be, but blow and behold after a fortnight, my pond was clear and crystal clear. This is an excellent item, would highly recommend it".

R. Ogden


Niigata Professional


"Excellent. Fish thrive on this, order it all Summer long for over 100 fish of all Carp types"

Amazon Customer

"Best food for the best fish, my fish love them you can see the extra growth"

Amazon Customer